Today’s podcast is a solo episode and I wanted to talk to about a very important topic for those of you are aspiring entrepreneurs and for those of you who are working in five and wanted to start a side hustle then this episode is for you.

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Today’s podcast is a solo episode and I wanted to talk to about a very important topic for those of you are aspiring entrepreneurs and for those of you who are working in five and wanted to start a side hustle then this episode is for you.

Before I get started. I want to say thank you so much and shout out to Stefan who actually connected with me on LinkedIn a couple of days ago, and he said ‘Danielle, I’m working as an architect, I’m a new listener to a podcast and I’m enjoying learning from it. I find your podcast inspiring, gives me motivation to keep on pushing and improving my career and in life. Also shout out to Robert. He said ‘Great information for success. Danielle brings amazing guests to the world. This is a value filled podcast.

Well, this is one of the reasons why I created this podcast is to get educated and bring you valuable insights that will inspire business growth and your personal development and of course I know some of the guests that I bring in might be polarizing to your values or to believe so. Like I always mentioned you don’t need to take everything in you know it’s like going in a buffet.  You just need to eat what you wanted and leave the rest what you don’t wanted right, so it just makes sense.

And I’ve always believed now I’m just going on tangent here, but I just wanted to reiterate as well that there’s no one path to success and there’s a lot of things that is involved in there and entrepreneurship is really difficult. So, if you’re still here- and I hope I didn’t scare- you please listen till the end- because I’m going to give you bite size content that I believe, will add value to you.


All right so today’s episode is You don’t need to be an expert to start a business and build your personal brand? Here’s why most of the businesses and brands that you can think of today has been started by founders and entrepreneurs who aspires to create a product or service in hope to solve a specific problem right? Some of you may think. What are the problems I can solve? I think this is the first question that you pull up, but if you think about, if you are a passionate towards a certain industry toward a certain market that you believe in and your experience, expertise ties in with the passion that you have and that’s a great way to get started right,

Because I believe you know contrary to the popular and entrepreneurship you’re, going to be successful, you’re going to become rich, millionaire and all that I believe every successful founders or entrepreneurs who actually started their business didn’t have the mindset that they wanted to become rich and successful. but what they ask themselves is what are the problems right now that are being underserved and underdeveloped right? Because if you are someone who is passionate about the problem, I believe when you create a solution to the problem. Money and Success is just a byproduct of it right so some of you may ask I’m not an expert or I’m not confident that someone will buy for me. Well, you just need to think about this big names, big brands, there’s a single funder or a couple of founders who started it was started from nothing who started from zero. You always hear the Rags to Riches story right. I can give you a lot of examples, but you know this is a solo episode, so I don’t want to bore you with a lot of names, but instead I wanted to use a casestudy, which is in a tech background, which I believe, which is very relevant since we are already listening to a podcast right,


So in a tech industry, if you wanted to solve a bigger problem, you need to create a software or a solution that can scale globally right so like for instance, since you already listening to this podcast and some of you might be on Spotify, I’m going to use Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, which are the founders of the streaming platform service. So, in response to the growing privacy problem in the music industry in 2006, they created Spotify, which offered music fans a free service with advertising opportunities. You know, because back in the day, if you wanted to listen to music or download a streaming either music or video you’ve got to go to controversial sites like Pirate Bay and other downloadable sites right, but because of Spotify you no longer need to download files and get your computer or smartphones at risk. Not to forget the amount of hassle that you need to go through just to transfer the file from your computer to your smartphone, which takes a lot of time and file storage. Now, there’s a free account that you can create and Spotify, and even when you go to the free version, you don’t need to have an internet to actually stream. Like me for instance, I listen to my podcast, The Drive to Succeed on Spotify as well. So if you’re someone is listening or Spotify, you prefer that please, this subscribe stall, thus a short promo in there,

But anyway. For those of you who are in-transition professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs who are listening, who might say I have a lot of skills I built from a career and hobbies. I believe I can solve problems right, but I don’t know where to start. I might get rejected right.


Here’s what you need to do number one,

Create a sample product or service and offer it for free. I know some of you might say offer it for free, but I wanted to start a side hustle, I want to start a business. Why will I offer my product or service for free? Well, because you don’t have credentials yet to show people or to show your ideal prospects or clients. The first thing you got to do is to offer it for free. Why? Because you are giving them a chance to earn their trust and their confidence. right

So, like for instance, if you are good in writing- and you are a journalist that say, and you wanted to be a freelance writer or a freelance copywriter or whatever that is as long as it involves writing right. You can offer to write an article for your ideal client in return for considering a review right. Here’s you can get started, and now you have a review now you can show it to other people like these are my portfolio, and this is on my rate now you have side hustle related to writing.

If you are good in web design or graphic design, these are all services. So, what you’re going to do is approach ten people of your ideal client and offer to make a sample and if they like it, they might offer you a paid Gig for it right, because I remember during the early days of the pandemic there’s a lot of people have been laid off so even right now some people are still having a hard time to find a new job, and you know there’s a lot of things that you can actually start doing,


Because most of the time, one of the reasons why people don’t get started is because the fear of the unknown, the fear of rejection, the fear of failure. But as a matter of fact, if you take an inventory of who you are as a person and what you are capable of, there’s a product and service that is lying dormant inside you that you can create and offer it for a fee right, that’s how all businesses get started.

I know right now, it’s more like you can go to a VC, create an app raise money from venture capital and scale it right. But if you don’t want to cheat your way like that and create it organically even just a mom and pop shop, what you can do is create a product or service for free and there’s an instances as well. I think it was in UK or even here in the UAE, where there’s other people who ignited their passion for baking right selling homemade biscuits and made to order cakes- and you know once the online revolution of their bake shop or their baked goods has been scaled. Now they open a traditional bakery shop right and there’s some people actually be invented as well themselves like they are good and taking photos. So, instead of like going the traditional route working for company, what they do is you know, since it’s the pandemic, they offered to do family portraits right, so they can take a shot in the client’s balcony without the need of physical contact, and nowadays you can pay it online anyway right. So it’s a good way to get started so be creating a product and service for free at the beginning, I wanted to reiterate at the beginning right, you’re creating that trust and confidence where you wouldn’t be getting if you actually charge first in the beginning, so that’s one way create a product or service and offer it for free.

Also, I wanted to add there are practices. That involves exact science right, and these are an exception where you need to be really an expert, let’s say, for instance, if you are sick and you need to have a surgery. Obviously, you needed to go to a hospital with an expert with a doctor that you know that he or she can be trusted right, because you definitely need to check what type of credentials, he or She has what type of surgery or she has done, and obviously you wouldn’t go to a doctor knowing that his or her practice doesn’t involve what he is doing right now. Right also like an engineer or an architect, everything that you created involves exact calculation, exact math, if I may right, because any miscalculation can result in death or injury now. These are the exception. However, does it mean that your practice for five years or ten years does it mean that you cannot jump into entrepreneurship? You can still create your own private practice or pursue that one thing that you believe that contribute to your previous experience and expertise. But in this case, you are pursuing the thing that makes your heart sing. I hope that makes sense.


Number two. You got to build your online presence and use social media. I always say this. ‘You got to focus on the message rather than on the medium.’ You don’t need to post every day on the platform you’ve chosen, but you just need to put your content in front of your ideal customers. So, what do you mean with that right? I mentioned this on my last solo episode. If you are in B2b go on LinkedIn because the audience there are smart intelligence professionals and they are more likely to listen to you, especially if your voice is geared towards the corporate traditional B2B type right and there’s a lot of new ones in there. But if you’re someone in B2b just go on LinkedIn right, I don’t have enough time to really explain here, but I’d be happy to answer a question. If you connect with me on LinkedIn, send me a voice not and I’d, be happy to engage you in there as well and secondly, it’s I wanted to really reiterate as well that when you’re building your online presence and using social media,

You actually don’t need to be an influencer right. So most people think that all right, I wanted to create content. I wanted to be an expert, although that is good, but in the beginning you know nobody knows who you are. So what you got to do is to just get started. You want it to be helpful and build that familiarity, as you continue to put out content out there positioning yourself as a thought leader or expert in your field. Again, you don’t need to be an expert at the beginning. You just need to build familiarity and when you build familiarity that builds your authority and then you become an expert in your field, all right and that’s number two.


Number three trust the process most people have the fear of the known fear of rejection and, overall, what we call what impostor syndrome. While it’s important to be aware of these thoughts and embracing the negative narrative, you know, will not only kill your dreams, but will also kill your untapped potential, and this is one of the reasons why you always hear the richest place on earth is the graveyard, because a lot of people died with their dreams with the businesses that they didn’t started, the blog that they didn’t written, the podcast that they could have started, but they didn’t pursued, but it all went down to drain the moment they died because they didn’t do anything about it.

So, if you are listening right now- and you feel like there’s a punch in your God that I wanted to get started right, just remember- create a product or service and offer it for free at the beginning to build your portfolio and get reviews, Number two Build your online presence and you social media. You don’t need to post every day on each platform, select one platform and be consistent at it. Number three trust the process. When you get started, you can develop your voice, you’re, going to develop the way you sell your product you’re, going to develop the way you market it that you’re going to develop, how you collect money from it right, and that is the overall process, the more you do it, the more you become great at it, the more you become great at it, the more you’re going to love it and then we’re going to love it, the more you can continue doing it, which leaves a legacy towards yourself towards your business, to your friend and family all right. That is a cot by the way from Mark Cuban, which is one of my favorite quotes, which also a quote that I stand by and for those of you are listening right now. All of this I just wanted to really reiterate.

All of this is meaningless. If you don’t take massive action, instead of thinking what strategy to implement just get started and learn it along the way.

One of the reasons people fail is the future project, the type of problems they will encounter before it actually happens right so, instead of just getting started, trust the process. Okay, all right. So now, as I reached towards the end of this episode, if you wanted to share this episode to a friend or family member, it would really mean the world to me if you leave us, also a review on apple podcasts or a rating and get a shout off for future episodes. And if you l get massive value from this, you can also download the full episode and the drive to succeed website at, and if you wanted to continue the conversation, Connect with me on LinkedIn or on Instagram Danielle_francisco_, send me a voice note or take a screen shot and tag me on your biggest stake away and I’d be happy to reciprocate and help you in the best way possible that I can. Thank you so much for listening. If you enjoy this episode, leave us a rating in a review in Apple podcast. This way it can improve our such ability. Reach out and impact more people to once again, thank you so much for listening by for now I

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