Allan J. Wind – Retired Senior Foreign Service Officer from the U.S. Agency for International Development (US AID), Global Development Executive, International Adventurer. Author of the book ANDEAN ADVENTURES: An Unexpected Search for Meaning and Purpose across three countries

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In this episode we talked about:
  • His career as a diplomat working in underserved and underprivilege communities where terrorism, abuse and corruption is present.
  • He shared his insights on the idea of the national service. How the youth can gain skills that are applicable in solving real world problems.
  • How to communicate with Tribal Leaders and educate them on skills that uplift their quality of living.
  • Getting back the idea of national service in the US.
  • Where the government funding is being used for international relief programs, Issues on Corruption and many more
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And a mentor of mine who was a health officer of the U.S. AID mission in La Paz Bolivia was encouraging me to go to Peru. There was Sendero Luminoso Shining Path, a terror terrorist operation in Peru that was closing many of the official Americans to have to leave Peru and they were looking for people who were willing to go into dangerous circumstances and to be able to continue to support the health and child survival activities with the Ministry of Health. I really didn’t want to work for the US government. I resisted and Paul told me. ‘No, no, no it’ll be a good opportunity for you to learn the folk ways of the enemy.’

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