Jan Cavelle is a semi-retired entrepreneur now turned full time author and writer and speaker.

Scale For Success is her first book, aimed at helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses during the big leap of 1-10m.

Adrian Tobey
Jan has a few decades of running micro and small businesses behind her and is very familiar with all the challenges that go with that, having started one from the kitchen table when her children were small and she was a single mother, to go on to build that into a multi-million turnover business.


And in this episode, we talked about.
  • How she started building her first business on their kitchen table.
  • Early struggle of building a business as a single mum.
  • Striking a balance between growth and mental health.
  • Important skill every entrepreneur must have to scale for success
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Strategize and plan for advance. If you want to grow, you know, don’t do what so many entrepreneurs do which is just drift and get bigger without a plan because that will be absolute be groundhogg day. You know you’ve got to plan your time.

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