Nadja El Fertasi – Founder and CEO of Thrive with EQ. Nadja worked for NATO’s Cyber Executive Arm for the past 20years as Stakeholder Engagement Senior Executive before jumping into entrepreneurship. 

In this episode, we talked very relevant topics on Cyber Security Awareness and Emotional Intelligence. 
  • The impact of COVID to workforce. and how criminals work their way in to target companies and individuals who are vulnerable for cyber crime exploitation either be a financial/political gain.
  • We also talked about how to use Social Media Responsibly, Influencer and it’s effect on kids and teenagers. 
  • Case studies of High profile breaches and in the C-Level Suite,
  • As parents, how do you protect yourself and your child from social engineering tactics from criminals who are financially motivated. 
  •  Voice Phishing, Technology and many more. 
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