I have been fortunate to interview world class thought leaders and industry experts across the globe, in today’s world where information is abundant it can be quite challenging for business owners to cut through the noise and have their message heard. That is why we created ‘The Drive to Succeed Podcast’ to provide a platform for entrepreneurs and business leaders to get their message across, be well known and trusted by their future customers. 


– Danielle Francisco, Co-founder of Dan Media Group & Podcast Host at The Drive to Succeed Podcast.

Are you ready to launch and grow your future podcast?

Do you want to build an audience that gets you and understands you?

Want to learn how to land big-name guests and celebrity experts?


Do you want to build trust, credibility and authority in your industry without being sleezy and salesy?




I’m the Co-founder of Dan Media Group Digital PR Agency and Creator of The Drive to Succeed Podcast.


Like you I don’t have any prior experience producing a podcast, how to book a guest, what topics do I talk about, what equipment and software do I really need, or how to edit and upload it on the internet so people will be able to listen.


I spent countless hundreds of hours reading reviews after reviews what equipment to buy. Which hosting platform to use, Consuming every podcast tutorial, tips, and tricks on the internet!


I gave myself a tap in the back and felt proud “This is Progress!”


Jump forward to 6 months later I don’t have a podcast to share, I keep still listening to my favorite podcast shows wondering “If they can do it, I can also do that!”


Until I realized I’ve got to stop consuming, dreaming of ‘WHAT IF’s’ and like the adage of NIKE saying, ‘JUST DO IT!’


I can still remember it was December 2019, me and my wife were spending our holiday in Cappadocia, Turkey after spending a full day of adrenaline adventure and hiking the caves I sat down on a sofa near the fireplace and I say if I don’t commit to make this PODCAST thing happen, It will never happen!


I pulled out my smart phone from my pocket and announced it on my social media that I’ll be launching my own show – The Drive to Succeed Podcast.


Nobody knew that it was only an idea. But after a week of announcing it. I found myself messaging and emailing experts, thought leaders and celebrity guest whom I really looked up to, attended their events and saying ‘If only I can tap into inside their minds. My business and personal brand would 3X in the next 12-24months!


But you know what? ‘It wasn’t easy! Because if it is everyone should be doing it!’


2019 till present I was able to interview world class thought leaders and build amazing relationships with industry experts across the globe.  I’ve been invited to speak on Arab Social Media Forum, Deliver Keynotes both in-person events and live webinars on topics of Podcasting, Personal Branding and Digital PR.


I’ve learned a lot of lessons from the mistakes I’ve encountered along the way. That’s why in this on-demand online course ‘The Podcast Academy’


I will walk you through the step-by-step process on how you can launch and grow your future podcast that serves building your brand and business online.



  • You’re a mission driven entrepreneur or business owner who are looking to invest in growing their personal brand and build an audience.
  • Impact driven speaker, coaches, authors who wants to build their own tribe and use podcasting as a mean to further open a dialogue and serve their community.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs, Freelancers and Side Hustlers who’re looking to enter in the digital economy.


Podcasting Course Outline


STEP 1 – Your Future Podcast

Understand how podcasting works, what equipment you need, where to host, identify roadblocks and how to overcome them.  From Planning to Conceptualizing to Outlining what your show will be about, identifying your niche and discover to create professional podcast artwork in low-cost ways up-to zero fees at all.


STEP 2 – Plan Your Podcast Episodes

Planning your content, creating an intro and outro by infusing your personality that will resonate with your audience. Brainstorm industry experts and understand the interview process that will help leave your guest and audience a memorable and fun experience.

Wrapping it all up with the art of call-to-action that will spur your listeners to act.


STEP 3 – Produce (Record and Edit)

You covered the tech, the artwork, the hosting, the podcast outline now what?

This is where the real fun begins! Time for you to hook up your equipment, Prep yourself up as a host and hit RECORD. I’ll walk you through how to prep questions, lead and ask questions naturally and put it all together into a polished episode.


STEP 4 – Publish and Release it to the World.

Your audio files are ready, felt good after your first interview learned new things about yourself. We just don’t stop there! I’ll show you how you can easily export your audio, submit to hosting platforms and syndicate to major podcast directories like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Pandora and more.


Step 5 – Promote Your Podcast

You’re podcast is live and ready for download on the internet! now what? This is the time we to create buzz around your podcast.  Remind your network and audience and help you spread the word. 




  • Podcast Interviews Tips and Strategies to create engaging and entertaining episodes. 
  • Email Outreach Templates
  • Downloadable Worksheets and Assignments.

Danielle hosted some of the brightest minds in business and self development.