Johan Vosloo Founder and CEO of Commspace – The ultimate solution for managing, tracking, splitting and analysing Financial Adviser revenue.

In this episode we talk about:
  • How he found a gap and provided a solution to a real pain point within the financial planning and advice industry.
  • Johan’s ethos in building a tech start-up and finding the right co-founder.
  • The driving force behind quitting his corporate 9-5 before going all in Commspace and many more.
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About Johan: 

Johan is a technologist with an entrepreneurial spirit who started working on a side-project in 2006 to solve the problem of tracking and splitting commission for a single advice practice with multiple advisers and dozens of referral sources. After seeing the enthusiastic response of the early users, he decided to develop it into a fully-fledged revenue management and analytics solution for the broader independent financial advice sector in South Africa. Today Commspace is used by hundreds of independent financial advice practices, ranging from solo advisers to large bank groups.

Johan firmly believes that culture eats strategy for breakfast – that leading by example, radiating authenticity and treating people like people and not resources are the foundations of a great workplace characterised by a focus on outcomes, innovation and fun, instead of clock-watching and micromanagement.

Johan has a double major in Computer Science and Psychology and a background in software development, design and architecture spanning the better part of two decades, having primarily worked in blue chip banks and insurance companies in South Africa and Europe before leaving the corporate world behind to focus on Commspace full time. 

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