In today’s solo episode I’ll be sharing you practical ways how to stand out in your industry using this strategy even for 5 minutes a day! 

Adrian Tobey
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Today’s podcast is a solo episode and I really wanted to hang out with you today, because I know there’s a lot of interviews happening every week and I’m really doing my best to curate guests that will help you inspire business growth or your self-development, and obviously there are a lot of ways on how to run your business.  But, of course, if you are someone who is already a business owner or just wanting to start out and really make your time more efficiently, aside from your 9-5 this episode will be going to help you how to stand out in your industry.

And obviously a firm believer of great and content and really putting yourself out there to gain trust and authority and credibility in your industry this is one of the concepts that I’ve been practicing since 2018 ever since I develop or built my personal brand.

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