Tom Dawkins – Co-Founder and CEO of social impact crowdfunding platform and innovation agency supports social entrepreneurs to raise the funds and mobilise the community they need to make a difference and has deployed over $12 million AUD so far with one of the highest success rates in crowdfunding.
Tom has been recognized with numerous awards and fellowships and has been a regular speaker at conferences and teacher of seminars and workshops for past 15 years, including SXSW, SOCAP, REMIX, The World Summit on the Information Society, Connecting Up, Progress and FWD. I’ve worked with social enterprises, non-profits and government agencies to help them tell their stories and engage their communities
In this episode we talked about:
  • What’s a social enterprise? How did it change over the last 10 years? What are the different models and innovation that plays a pivotal role in this entrepreneurship category.
  • How to leverage marketing effectively, messaging and social media to inspire people to share story for you.
  • We also talk about Why does ‘Poverty Porn’ being commonly used by non-profits, NGO’s are using disempowering images and videos in their advertising?
  • We deep dive Tom started his entrepreneurship career living in the US and many more.
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