Sumayya Sarwar – Founder Mama ME App where mums in the UAE and around the world connect and share their parenting experiences. Get together for coffee and arrange play dates and be part of a safe space community to make your journey as a mum a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

In this episode we talked about:
  • Struggles Mums face on a daily basis and the importance of a safe space community.
  • The catalyst why Sumayya ventured into entrepreneurship despite having a successful career as a dentist
  • The journey of being a woman founder and tips to get VC funding and many more.
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So that’s really interesting because that’s very much what happens in the expat community.

So we are very much aware of what’s happening in the expat community,
And in Dubai yes That is the case.

However, what happens to that mother that doesn’t have that support network?
We only see groups of moms that are out and about that actually know each other. But what
about that mom that’s at home, you’re not going to see her out with that tribe or her friends, because shehasn’t yet made that tribe. 

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