Dean Henry – Co Founder of The Clean Living Company. He’s a functional medicine certified health coach and works with clients to improve every aspect of their health. His passionate approach has helped people improve their skin, chronic anxiety, insomnia and reduce body fat – all through natural methods.

Dean became immersed in health and fitness after a knee injury ended an extremely promising sporting career, and when his daughter was diagnosed with a severe nut allergy. Since then, Dean has co-founded The Clean Living Company and has continually committed to taking his, and others, health to a new level, leading by example along the way.


Adrian Tobey
And in this episode, we talked about.
  • The Importance of Gut Health
  • How to maintain and nourish your gut for the long term.
  • The Science and Benefits of Bone Broth
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You know we forget this, but when our children are very young and they can just about talk and communicate, they may eat some cereal know whatever that cereal may be.

There’s any good omes on the market and they consume the cereal. When they get a slight shooting pain in their stomach, is our mummy my gut hurts and was ours? Okay, it’s okay! Carol! You be fine and all we’re doing is suppressing that pain. You know they their body’s, reacting to it negatively when it’s okay, they can’t be literally wrong with a bowl pf frostees or some porridge we’ve been it in rice for years. You know it can’t be a problem with it. In fact, We don’t have the digestive enzymes to digest it properly and that creates disruption in the Gut, and so it takes a long long time to accumulate the issue for the issue to come out, and then you want to fix it.

You can’t fix it in four weeks. You know it takes lifestyle changes and protocols come and do damage of ten years in four weeks.

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