I have been fortunate to interview world class thought leaders and industry experts across the globe, in today’s world where information is abundant it can be quite challenging for business owners to cut through the noise and have their message heard. That is why we created ‘The Drive to Succeed Podcast’ to provide a platform for entrepreneurs and business leaders to get their message across, be well known and trusted by their future customers. 


– Danielle Francisco, Co-founder of Dan Media Group & Podcast Host at The Drive to Succeed Podcast.

Apply to be a guest because your story matters.


  • You will receive the following if selected:
  • One 15-20 minutes podcast episode
  • Benefit from our 10k+ weekly reach of highly engaged business owners, entrepreneurs and many more.
  • Complete marketing package for your episode
  • Get featured on 10+ top major podcast platforms such as Apple Podcast, Spotify and Google Podcast.
  • Promotion on our social media channels from LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram

We focus on value-based conversation, stories that inspires and impact business growth and human potential.

Our commitment goes beyond the interview, upon interviewing 6-8 figure business owners, world class speakers who shared stages with Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, to your offline industry expert whose business has been serving the market for 20+ years we can spot patterns that people would love and talk about.


We promote your episode on social media.

We put our guest right infront of their target audience so their message will be heard.

Be visible on YouTube 

YouTube has more eyeballs than any other online video platforms for watching online videos. Your future customers and partners would like to know who they are dealing with. Aside from your full episode can be found on YouTube and Google, It also generate good SEO and backlinks to your website.

Build your brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is no longer used for networking and job search. It’s a powerful platform to position yourself as a thought-leader in your field. Professionals who uses LinkedIn are more likely open to have a conversation with you than a traditional cold outreach like email or cold calls.

Captivate on Instagram & Facebook

Each guest receives a custom single image quote card, 1-2 videos from 30-60seconds soundbye from their interview and guest are also welcome to repost the digital assets in their social media channels.


What’s the catch?

No catch. There’s no required purchase or any other obligation.


Everything you need to know to apply as a guest in The Drive to Succeed Podcast.

Is there an investment involved?

There is NO COST involved if you choose to apply for 15-20 minutes AUDIO ONLY podcast interview.

Why is there a pre-approval process?

Our aim for the podcast is to provide high level quality, No nonsense approach to business and expertise from our guest. Thus we curate our guest and help elevate the overall learning experience of our audience.

Ideal guest we're looking for?

We’re looking for:

  • 6-8 figure business owners who runs/manage a successful business and have a solid track record who’s message can relate and are not afraid to express their opinions, values and beliefs. 
  • Entrepreneurs who are worldclass looking to disrupt their industry. 
  • Authors and Speakers who wants to share their story to inspire and impact the masses.  

If this is you apply today.

How long will it take for the approval process?

Once we received your podcast guest application we’ll do a research on your background through online search to determine if you’re a good fit for the podcast. Application process takes 5-10 business days. Once approved you’ll receive a ‘Congratulatory’ email and send you all the details for the interview.

When will the interview take place?

Once approved, our guest can book their interviews within one week after approval is received.