David Harkin is an entrepreneur and the CEO of the award-winning education company 8billionideas which exists to give every student the skills and belief to change the world.

Since its formation, 8billionideas (formerly 7billionideas) has worked with over 100,000 students around the world in 500 schools. 8billionideas has strategic partnerships in every part of the sector – including Multi-Academy Trusts, Young Offender Units, International and Independent Schools. Its work through its partner schools has been recognised by TES and most recently COBIS in 2020. 
In 2021, 8billionideas will feature in a publication led by St James Palace’ and Prince Charles’ team to give their insight into innovation and leadership as the country celebrates 300 years of Government.
David is also proudly a 2x TED speaker and author and holds the post of Director of Entrepreneurship in a number of schools around the world. 
In this episode we talked about: 
  •  The driving force behind 8billion ideas and the importance of designing the business to scale not just in profits but also it’s impact. 
  • Choosing the right role models to follow in the context of entrepreneurship and skills development. 
  •  Challenges David and his team faced during the COVID Crisis and many more. 
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