In today’s digital age, most people virtually has access to information in their fingertips. People can learn new skills and acquire how-to, step by step guide learning how to lose weight, health recipes, how to attract your perfect partner, or even start a profitable online business.


Do you have something to teach?

Yes! Absolutely!


Quick Win:

  • What is the one thing that most people ask you for help?
  • What's the problem your friend or family member have asked you for your advice?
  • What are the results you delivered in this area/topic?


Chances are within your circle of influence they see you as some form of an expert at 'something' and this is one of the best way to get started.

Having said that there's lot of available free information on the internet.

And this is where the challenge comes in.

With so much information bombarding you left and right, you’re now confused on what to do with the information, because you have the information, but you lack the implementation.

And that’s why PAID online courses are the key to solve this cluttered information.

By being an online course creator, you’re organizing facts, research, case studies, how-to content in solving problems with what your target market (students) originally have.


Why Create an Online Course?


1. According to market research by, The Global E-Learning Market to Reach $457. 8 Billion by 2026. 


Which means e-learning will continue to grow and one evidence we have seen was an increase demand of professionals to adapt and learn new skills to be relevant in the marketplace due to the COVID pandemic. So if you’re not tapping into this opportunity right now you’re missing that ‘First Gain Advantage.’


2. It’s Scalable, Efficient & Fast


Unlike teaching in a classroom where you need to be physically present and only work with students with the maximum capacity of how big the room is. In an online course environment you can work virtually with people all over the world with many people as you want.


3. Content Consistency and Flexibility


The beauty of online courses is you only need to produce it once and you can deliver the same training over and over again. Which means all the students who will enroll in your program will get the same training and get the same results you intended when you created the online course.

The students can learn at their own pace and watch it repeatedly to learn the concepts and strategies you shared in the learning module.


4. Build Your Personal Brand


You build your personal branding by providing your expertise in a specific niche topic and people would like to learn it from you because they either they want to be like you and get the results what you have achieved and solve their problems.


It doesn’t matter if there are experts more knowledgeable or experienced than you. No online courses are created equal because you and I are created unique. The way you speak, the style and methods of teaching might be completely different from your competitors.


And this is the beauty of building an online course because you only work with people who resonates with you the most. Likeability and Relatability are two key factors in building a successful online course.


5. Build a new stream of recurring income.


With so many online learning platforms where you can host your online courses like Thinkific or Skillshare you can run your online business on auto-pilot and bring your students to a landing page where they can get access on the learning material which gives you recurring stream of income and have less stress and flexibility since you don’t need to be physically present to teach them.



Create and Sell Your Own Online Course, Signature Workshop or Coaching Business In The Next 90-120 Days!

About Danielle Francisco

Danielle Francisco is the Creator of The Drive to Succeed Podcast which focuses on value-based conversation, stories that inspires and impact business growth and human potential. 

Over the course of his career in B2b Events and Publishing Industry where he worked with corporate brands and top tiered companies and after being laid off twice over a promising career he realized success without signifance is meaningless. 

He ventured into Entrepreneurship and started his own marketing agency in 2015 - Dan Media Group that focuses on Personal Branding, Digitial PR and Podcasting. 

He believes that if he can transform at least one person duringt his lifetime and drastically snowballs into millions of people through his online courses and consulting services he can be at peace that world become a better place for the next generation to come. 

Danielle is an outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking and reaching new mountain heights, traveling the world with my wife. 

Suggested Guest Interview / Keynote Topics:

  • Building a meaningful personal brand and position yourself as a top of mind to your future customers.
  • Storytelling Secrets Success - Turn your personal story into a testimony that transform people's lives.
  • Podcasting as the new way of networking and building real relationships.
  • Jump ship from your 9-5 and turn your passion into a business you will love.

Danielle Francisco is the Co-Founder aof Dan Media Group, an agency based in Dubai, UAE. focused on building Personal brands, Podcasting and PR. Speaker, Host of The Drive to Succeed Podcast

Create and Sell Your Own Online Course, Signature Workshop or Coaching Business In The Next 90-120 Days! 

The Global E-Learning Market to Reach $457. 8 Billion by 2026.  Source: FORBES.COM